Climate Zones

NatHERS divides Australia into regions of similar climatic conditions, referred to as climate zones. Homes in each separate climate zone are likely to require significant differences in house design to reach a similar star rating. The number of climate zones is defined by the availability of quality climate data, and whether locations are sufficiently unique to warrant separation from nearby zones.

Climate zones are generally aligned with postcode boundaries for convenience, except where there is likely to be a topographical or other feature within the postcode area that impacts the local climate. In this scenario, alternative zones are offered for the same postcode. For example, if a postcode includes a mountainous area, an alternative climate zone may be used above a certain altitude.

Currently there are 69 NatHERS climate zones. A colour display of Climate Zones is available in the NatHERS interactive Climate Zone Map at the bottom of this page. Click on the area of interest to get more information.

Climate Zone Map

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