All energy rating software used to produce NatHERS Universal Certificates must be accredited in accordance with the NatHERS Software Protocol.

The NatHERS Software Accreditation Protocol outlines the requirements and processes for the accreditation of new software tools and for updates to new versions of previously accredited tools. This ensures that software tools meet standard requirements and produce consistent results in the assessment of energy loads and when rating houses.

There are currently four accredited software tools, these are:

  • AccuRate Sustainability – Owned and maintained by CSIRO
  • BERS Pro – Owned and maintained by Energy Inspection
  • FirstRate5 – Owned and maintained by Sustainability Victoria
  • Hero – Owned and maintained by Hero Software – Newly released software tool. Data from Hero generated certificates is currently not captured or represented in the AHD dashboards.

Please Note: We are still experiencing problems accessing some FirstRate5 certificate data and consequently have a limited number of certificates issued by FirstRate5 from November 2023 onwards. This will impact some of the dashboards and especially data totals for periods after October 2023. We are working with Sustainability Victoria to retrieve this data and will update dashboards as soon as possible.

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