Within the NCC residential buildings are divided into several different class types, these are:

  • Class 1a – A single dwelling that is either a detached house or one of a group of two or more attached dwellings, each being a building, separated by a fire-resisting wall, including a row house, terrace house, town house or villa unit.
  • Class 1b – a boarding house, guest house or hostel.
  • Class 2 – A building containing 2 or more sole-occupancy units each being a separate dwelling, such as, apartment buildings and flat/unit developments.
  • Class 4 – A dwelling in a building that is not a residential building, i.e. it is the only dwelling in the building. A caretaker’s residence in an office building is an example of this.

Dashboards only cover NCC building class 1a, class 2 and class 4 dwellings. Class 1a dwellings are simplified to class 1 in the dashboards. Class 4 are included, but are very small in number and in many areas there will not be sufficient in number to display data on.

Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme
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