NatHERS requires that each area of a dwelling be classified as a particular type of zone. The zone information is used within the simulation to determine the heating/cooling regime that will be applied to that area over the modelling period. There are eight zone types and these are:

  • Living – Living, dining, family, rumpus, media, home theatre, etc.
  • Kitchen/Living – A kitchen, or a kitchen combined with one or more living areas. It will include the main kitchen area and may include a combined kitchen/lounge/meals or dining area.
  • Daytime – This is the default zoning for internal zones not covered by living, kitchen/living, unconditioned, bedroom, night-time, garage or garage conditioned.
  • Unconditioned – Unconditioned laundry, toilet, bathroom and powder room.
  • Bedroom – Bedroom or study with a built-in wardrobe, walk-in wardrobe or attached ensuite.
  • Night time – Areas that can only be accessed from a bedroom or through a zone accessed only from a bedroom – for example, ensuites, walk-in wardrobes, parents’ retreats, toilets accessed from an ensuite.
  • Garage – Garage
  • Garage conditioned – Garage in which heating ducts, hydronic heating elements or air-conditioners are shown on the plans.


The data for these dashboards has been obtained from certificates generated by FirstRate5 only.  Zone data from the other NatHERS tools is currently not available, but methods are being developed to include this data.

Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme
Supported by data from the Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS)