Energy efficiency assessments using NatHERS are undertaken by NatHERS assessors who enter design data into one of the accredited tools. Details on building materials, room dimensions, orientation, building location and climate are all entered in order to perform a thermal modelling simulation.

NatHERS Software

There are currently four accredited software tools, these are:

  • AccuRate Sustainability – Owned and maintained by CSIRO
  • BERS Pro – Owned and maintained by Energy Inspection
  • FirstRate5 – Owned and maintained by Sustainability Victoria
  • Hero – Owned and maintained by Hero Software – Newly released software tool. Data from Hero generated certificates is currently not captured or represented in the AHD dashboards.

Accredited NatHERS Assessors

Although energy assessors are not required to be accredited to undertake assessments and produce Universal Certificates (except in NSW), the majority of assessors are accredited. Accredited NatHERS Assessors are professionally recognised energy assessors who are qualified in conducting house energy ratings using NatHERS Accredited Software. They follow an Assessor Code of Practice and are provided ongoing support and guidance to ensure they provide high standards of quality and service delivery.

Assessor Accrediting Organisations (AAOs) are professional organisations with responsibility for accrediting assessors and ensuring they deliver reliable and consistent energy ratings.

There are three AAOs currently operating in Australia:

Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme
Supported by data from the Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS)