August 22, 2022

It’s time to talk about apartments

Rising in popularity, apartments last year made up 58% of all energy rating certificates in NSW. Nationally the AHD Dashboard has collated data on over 70,000 apartments certificates over the past 12 months but we know little about the real world performance of Australia’s stock of apartments. Some say apartments are overperforming, and others that non-compliance with energy efficiency provisions is common. Where does the truth lie and what can we do about it?

Recognising that dealing with density is a growing and multifaceted challenge we’ve invited a broad spectrum of presenters to share their insight and answer your questions. Join us as we hear from CSIRO researchers, team catalyst building designer, Senior Sustainability Strategist and the Australian Building Codes Board

Video transcript:

Unanswered questions from the Webcast have been collated and are being answered to be published here.

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