Cluster Update

September 19, 2021

Anthony Wright

Even without COVID it’s been a big six months in the Building Simulation, Assessment and Communication Cluster here at CSIRO. We’ve met one of our major milestones and delivered our cloud version of the tool AccuRate Enterprise in beta version. Stay tuned for your free license if you’re already an AccuRate user. The public consultation period for the energy efficiency provisions of the National Construction Code (NCC) is open now and CSIRO has done a lot of work behind the scenes developing the new ‘Whole-of-house’ tool to support the NatHERS pathway. This draft tool is available by request to the NatHERS administrator but it won’t tell you what your star rating will be until benchmarks are set later in the year.

In the next six months we hope to see a commercial version of AccuRate Enterprise on the market and a number of new front-ends using it for a whole range of uses. If the proposed changes to the NCC are passed we will have a busy year making sure all the NatHERS software is updated and ready for NCC2022.

The team at CSIRO continues to work from home to keep the NatHERS software environment operating smoothly and to bring you as many webinars and other professional development opportunities as we can. We wish you and your families all the best in these unusual and often stressful times.

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